ASU Peer-to-Peer (UI)

Website designed for the launch of Arizona State Universities peer-to-peer mentoring program. This is a mini case study and only a brief overview of the project.

Project Overview:
At the beginning of January 2020 I began working with ASU to help launch a peer-to-peer mentoring program. Innovative and inclusive ASU peer-to-peer mentoring works to help students foster a socially & emotionally healthy school environment.
Unique Solution:
Ensure all visitors to the ASU peer-to-peer mentoring website fully understand what the program is and who it is for. Increase the total number of student peer-to-peer participants. Roll out peer-to-peer mentoring at the high school & college levels.
The Brief:
Arizona State peer-to-peer mentoring is a program designed to help students facilitate better overall mental health across the ASU campus.
The Challenge:
Build a website that increases the total number of peer-to-peer mentor sign-ups while also appealing   to high school, college, and doctoral students.
The Results:
The site is currently under development, and will be fully released soon. Prototype testing has indicated the website will increase sign ups, and overall interest in the ASU peer-to-peer mentoring program across all age groups in our target audience.

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