Hauling Broker (UI)

Dispatch and project management software redesigned for a company in Ohio. This is a mini case study and is therefore a brief overview of the project.

Project Overview:
Visually redesign Hauling Broker's dispatch and project management software so that it is more visually readable and intuitive when using. Also improve the user experience of the many forms within the software.
Unique Solution:
For this project I worked with Echo Tech, a third party development firm, to redesign software for Hauling Broker. Together we tested multiple iterations with the HB team. In order to improve the user experience, we needed to cut as much clutter from the design as possible, create visual hierarchies, color code important components, and increase the contrast all to improve usability. 

The tables were made resizable and movable so the users can easily show and hide content when relevant or create a focused view of the map/data.
The Brief:
Take the original design and improve the visual experience to ensure that current and future users will be able to easily use the HB dispatch and project management software such that little to no time is spent learning it.
The Challenge:
Transform an extremely complex software with a tremendous amount of necessary information/data. Remove the visual clutter, and reorganize information so that all users can use the product intuitively.

Working with all of the data and finding unique but usable ways to present it to the user was extremely hard and took many iterations to solve.
The Results:
The final iteration presented to the client and as shown within this case study received a warm welcome. After using the redesigned software for a few months the client said the team has had a wonderful time using it instead of their old Excel sheets. The latest version has also decreased time consuming mistakes and made on onboarding new employees significantly easier.

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